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Since 1989, WWT International (formerly Western Well Tool) has been providing services to operators around the world – helping them overcome many of the challenging conditions encountered during drilling and completion operations. B & W Drilling Tools represents WWT Non-Rotating Drillpipe Protectors, including the Model HT NRPS, Model SS NRPS and the new Model SS3 NRP, which are proven to reduce drilling torque and drag, minimize casing and riser wear, reduce heat checking and buckling, improve ROP, and minimize drillstring and surface equipment stress, and WWT Strippable Collars.

WWT Non-Rotating Drillpipe Protectors (NRPS)

WWT International (WWT) Non-Rotating Protector Services (NRPS), when used per WWT recommendations*, improve drilling performance and completion efficiency by minimizing energy loss caused by wellbore friction, thereby optimizing energy delivery to the bit. They can be a viable solution for challenging conditions encountered in deep directional wells; extended-reach wells; horizontal wells; unplanned doglegs; deepwater riser operations; deepwater sub-salt wells; re-entries and sidetracks, shallow kickoffs; production riser applications; slow, difficult drilling; deep S-shaped wells; underpowered top drives; offset well heads; casing patches; and adverse ocean currents.

Proven Benefits of WWT NRPS

  • Reduce torque up to 50%
  • Reduce drag +/-25% (Model SS)
  • Limit casing wear by maintaining tool joint standoff
  • Protect drillpipe
  • Reduce surface equipment and drillstring stress and fatigue
  • Protect riser, production riser and LMRP in adverse ocean conditions
  • Reduce buckling
  • Reduce stick slip
  • Prevent heat checking
  • Reduce vibration at surface
  • Operate without the need for expensive mud additives
  • Preserve casing integrity for future sidetracks
  • Increase weight to bit
  • Proactively reduce downtime expense related to equipment stress
  • Increase ROP

Here's How They Work

The NRP assembly consists of an aluminum stop collar above and below a reinforced polyurethane sleeve that has an OD greater than the tool joint. The assembly is installed directly above the tool joint and creates a friction-reducing standoff between the tool joint and casing/riser. The NRP sleeve's patented design creates an effective fluid bearing within its ID. The combination of the tool joint standoff, fluid bearing and WWT placement analysis significantly reduces rotary torque, drag and casing/riser wear.

WWT utilizes a range of engineering services to ensure that WWT Protectors will deliver maximum results, including:

  • Well analysis to identify critical areas of the wellbore where contact can hinder performance and casing integrity. (This analysis is performed free of charge and without obligation.)
  • Protector placement recommendations to achieve the benefit level required for each project
  • Ongoing technical support (24/7), both onsite and off, to ensure optimal performance and client satisfaction.

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