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The WWT Non-Rotating Silencer assembly is placed in or near the BHA to dampen downhole vibrations, reduce stick-slip, lower torque, and provide more efficient transfer of mechanical energy from top drive to bit. The WWT Silencer provides these benefits by using a non-rotating stabilizer with a low friction fluid bearing design. The non-rotating sleeve is manufacturing using a proprietary vibration absorbing polyurethane material bearing encapsulated around the steel or non-mag mandrel. The non-rotating sleeve is designed to be a sacrificial element, absorbing vibration energy from the drill string, thereby protecting critical BHA components. The WWT Silencer is designed as a fail-safe product without any fastening hardware or metallic parts within the non-rotating sleeve. The non-rotating polyurethane sleeve is fully drillable with nearly any kind of bit. If a non-rotating sleeve were to fail, the sub mandrel is essentially a short piece of HWDP, which allows operators to continue drilling ahead rather than tripping for a failed BHA component.



Interior geometry provides hydraulic and elastomeric dampening of axial and lateral vibrations.

Hydrodynamic bearing reduces torsional friction, thereby mitigating torsional oscillations.

Combined benefits results in improved drilling efficiency with increased BHA & bit life.


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